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Matching Evaluation Strategies to Community Rhythms

Participating in the Harwood Lab and reflecting on Community Rhythms helped me to be more mindful of certain kinds of questions. I would recommend the experience for anyone who enjoys dancing to community rhythms!

When does Evaluation Become Bureaucracy?

The Utopia of Rules
Sometimes, evaluation turns into bureaucracy. Reading this book gave me new insights into how and why this happens, and what to do to avoid it.

Treating the Cause Rather than the Symptoms

It is not about gathering more data, it is about more useful information!

A Parable About Collective Impact

Sometimes, our efforts to deal with the effects of a social problem end up reinforcing the idea that it will never be solved - especially when we don't share our experiences with each other.

Can a Bus Pass Change a Life?

Access to public transit is an important component of many anti-poverty strategies.

Rebuilding the Link between Measurement and Action

Outcome measurement is only worthwhile if it leads to insight and action. Too often, this link gets lost in bureaucracy. These short, plain language videos are designed to help non-profits find more meaning through their measurement.