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Welcome to Tamarack CCI - the online learning community for collaborative leaders

Welcome to Tamarack CCI, a Learning Community for collaborative leadership professionals who are charting new ways to engage people from multiple sectors to work together. Please read on for background about this learning community and how to make the most of this website.

Disruption and Embracing Change: reflections by Amy C. Moritz

Disruption Ahead! Amy C. Moritz reflects on some of her key takeaways following the Community Change Institute, 2016

Building your Collaborative Leadership Capacity

One of our members, Jeanny Gonzalez shares her reflections on learning at the Community Change Institute this year.

Asset Based Community Development

Thoughts on the ABCD workshop from the Community Change Institute

A Transformative Learning Experience

Links to resources and slideshow from the CCI 2016

Evolution of Collective Impact

Check out this great interview that "Opportunity Child" had with Tamarack thought leader Mark Cabaj on the Evolution of Collective Impact

Community Engagement: Some Takeaways to Share

Participant of the Community Engagement: The Next Generation, Laine Johnson of Citizens Academy, offers her reflection from her experience in Ottawa from March 9-11.

Reflections on Making Complexity Simple

Following the Evaluation Community Impact Learning Event in Vancouver, two colleagues reflect on their work using "most significant change" as a generative approach and ponder the idea of taking something complex and making it simple.This blog is posted on their behalf.

Thinking of Brenda Zimmerman and Snap- Back Theory

Brenda Zimmerman
Brenda Zimmerman would have called the Canadian election results a snap-back. Snap-back was Brenda’s description of what happened when the organization turned on the change you were trying to make, and snapped back to its old ways of doing things.

Increasing Our Ability to Evaluate Complexity

Evaluation can be a powerful force for change within organizations. As a result of how we assess our efforts, we pay attention to different areas and invest differently.