Asset Based Community Development

Submitted by Community Animator on October 13, 2016 - 12:00am
Our Member Darcy Cormier reflects on her learning from CCI 2016

A Blog Written by Darcy Cormier

ABCD came up in some reading I was recently doing but I had never specifically learned about this method before today. Now I can see that in some ways it really is an intuitive idea - and one that I have used in my work without labelling it as ABCD.

 Although it does make sense that successful community projects will understandably be those that come from the community itself, this so often gets sidestepped in our work. We are chasing funds on deadlines and just need to get a proposal in, or see the time it takes to truly reach out to a community as tedious and dragging down the process. Still other times we just get caught up in a 'good idea' that we 'know' will have a positive impact in the end and just run with it. Maybe these projects work out sometimes and do have a positive impact but to they empower community members at the same time?

 I can see now how even the community of agencies that I work with are asking for an ABCD approach to training and info sharing. A colleague recently commented that we have so much untapped knowledge and expertise in our own community to maximize before reaching out to outside consultants to come in and teach us. We are planning to hold a series of knowledge transfer and networking sessions for frontline workers to help increase awareness of our service delivery system capacity and share our learnings. By sharing our community assets we hope to then be able to better articulate what other information we could use in our community and ensure tight resources training and facilitation are well-spent.