Building your Collaborative Leadership Capacity

Submitted by Community Animator on October 17, 2016 - 5:40am
Jeanie Gonzalez reflects on her learnings from the CCI 2016


''The Scallop Principle.'' This is an interesting concept in collaboration. And I really like the phrase.

Everybody is the eye. It takes a town to change a town.

Being who we say we are.

Severn Suzuki's speech this morning on the theme ''Being who we say we are'' is such an inspirational and powerful message of reconnecting, reconciliation and rejuvenation to mother earth. We heard issues of climate change over and over again and yes this is not something new to us, but listening and contemplating to that speech makes you think again and reflect. All of these climate change, frequent natural disaster and catastrophe...the CAUSE is US. We are all consumers of the goods around us as our times shift to industrialization and technology. We are in this world of consumers.

Do we have a choice? In terms of cutting back or abstaining the use of the fossil fuel?  I need to come to work and I need to take the transit or drive my car. Okay, we could save the world by being green but I can't afford Tesla's electric car! (NOT even the hybrid) Do we really have the choice? Well.....Toronto Transit (TTC is an electric Bus) but in this time especially at work that we are always on the go and need to be on time and get things done, I don't have the choice but to burn some fuel fossils.

It's gonna take along long, long way to rejuvenate mother earth, or it may never happen at all. The world will never go back, it keeps on spinning and as time moves forward, the world will always be using mother earth's resources.  I'm not pessimistic, I'm just looking at the trends. It took thousands or even millions of years for mineral deposits to accumulate and to grow to such amount. And mankind can vanish all of that in such a blink of an eye.

But maybe there's hope after all. If the CAUSE is US, then the HOPE is US in our every little way. For example, by practicing organic gardening, sorting out recycling and so on. These are simple things that maybe, if not rejuvenate, could slow down the deterioration of mother earth. REJUVENATION? I don't know if that will happen. Well, maybe if we find a new earth to exploit in the current space exploration and mankind will migrate there and mother earth could rest and rejuvenate.  Who knows?


It's very interesting to put this into a positive perspective. To look at it not as a hindrance of the flow but rather a way of opportunities. My first concept about this word DISRUPTION is something unpleasant, disturbance or hindrance of the current flow. It's interesting how we could shift that into something positive that might bring the context into much better outcome.

Community Engagement

This topic enhances more my understanding on community engagement. I would say that although I knew a bit about it but going deeper into understanding this concept will helps me more in my community development work. I am confident enough that I'm in the right direction in community process in the days ahead. The five pillar which are: Inform, consult, involve, collaborate and empower are helpful template and a good tools to keep in mind.

 Looking forward for more wide understanding and knowledge.

Placed Based Social Innovation: The power of communities

 "What happened in the local level is a symptom of what happening in the global level.'' This statement of Frances Westley lingers to my mind.  Sometimes, to achieve concrete solutions of  issues to community problem in the local level we need to look at the bigger picture. Take for an example the environmental issues such as  global warming. The underdeveloped countries are the ones who suffered  most. And to think about it, the well developed countries are the main contributors of these phenomenon, from greenhouse gas  emissions to pastures, monocultures, industrialization and so on. Concrete example are the environmental refugee who leave their own homes because of these frequent disasters caused by global warming. They actually outnumbered those refugees caused by war or political persecutions.