A Thank You to John Kania

Submitted by Community Animator on November 18, 2014 - 9:53am
Poem by Allyson Hewitt

Community Animator's Note: This poem originally appeared on Medium on October 8, 2014 and has been re-posted with permission from the author.

John Kania is the co-author of several articles on Collective Impact. He is based at FSG and recently addressed the Collective Impact Summit organized by Tamarack and held in Toronto. During his presentation John mentioned that any day that quotes Dr. Seuss is a good day — with that in mind I wrote this poem while John was speaking to thank him for his contribution to advancing our collective knowledge. With apologies, as always, to the genius that was Dr. Seuss.

John comes to us from FSG

To impart his wisdom and what will be

He told us stories and showed us the way

With all that experience he had lots to say

He started with Rumi and got into our mind

Saying the shift is needed to reach our kind

Start with determining who to get at the table

Business is hard but we know you are able

Make it easy for them to help your cause

They can help us change policy and the laws

With the right people at the table things will emerge

So having patience is what he did urge

Create the conditions for the emergence of solutions

All you need is effective executions

Working at the level of systems is also hard it’s true

But getting beyond programs is the right thing to do

So thank you John for sharing today

To join you on this journey and walking this way

-Allyson Hewitt