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A playful visual tool for mapping your collective story.

Using the collaborative continuum to map your partnership.

How was your day Love?

Replacing the STUCK feeling with an expanding s--t--r--e--t--c--h.

critical friendships, reflective practice, words and glue

Building critical friendships, an audience of influence takes time and a thousand honest conversations.

"Your ability to think starts with you." - Mark Holmgren

Summary of Mark Holmgren's webinar "Upside Down Thinking" and sliding in sneaky questions.

Snap Back Prevention in Full Gear on a Tuesday Evening

Preventing snapback to old ways of working and thinking means remembering the feelings and experiences that created connectivity.

Act on what you want to see

Last fall I asked an extremely smart woman a question.

Tamarack Thought Leader Introduction by Elayne Greeley

I will share my creativity with you as I muddle, stumble and sometimes race though collaborative practice. I will do my best to be honest and perhaps you could share with me too. I love a good story.

Ah Ha Moments

Like a total community development nerd, I have been inserting my learning whenever and whereever I can this week. At work, at home, at lunch and sometimes quietly in my head. I am sure that CCI is making me smarter.

13 Things I learned at CCI 2011

Who can limit their notes from the 2011 CCI? SO- here are the 13 things that I am chewing while wearing new red cowgirl boots back @ the office in Newfoundland.