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Big Vision or Relentless Incrementalism?

When I hear Big Vision, my blood pumps and I can feel my internal motivation race – the “sign me up” messaging from my brain...


Exploring how I see myself as a broker now (2015) and the broker I want to become.


I see evidence that generosity is the fuel of networks. This means that in order to maintain and grow our networks we need to be able to recognize generosity in action, name it and support it.

Failing forward: Are the partners stretching?

At the end of my accreditation as a partnership broker we were required to agree to a contract of professional best practices. On the surface they might seem simple and straightforward but the truth is that they capture the true complexity of partnering across sectors.

7 Graphic Facilitation Resources To Inspire Creatives

"Elayne Greeley is not a chronic resource chaser who stacks her shelf full of unread resources." These are recommendations for books that are practical and helpful but overall - inspiring!

A playful visual tool for mapping your collective story.

Using the collaborative continuum to map your partnership.

How was your day Love?

Replacing the STUCK feeling with an expanding s--t--r--e--t--c--h.

critical friendships, reflective practice, words and glue

Building critical friendships, an audience of influence takes time and a thousand honest conversations.

"Your ability to think starts with you." - Mark Holmgren

Summary of Mark Holmgren's webinar "Upside Down Thinking" and sliding in sneaky questions.

Snap Back Prevention in Full Gear on a Tuesday Evening

Preventing snapback to old ways of working and thinking means remembering the feelings and experiences that created connectivity.