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A Righteous Mind?

Liberals have long believed that their political positions have been developed through more reasoned, rational, informed and thoughtful processes than conservatives have. A new book challenges that notion.

Resident Engagement for Neighbourhood Revitalization

Residents must be the drivers of change in their own local neighbourhoods. They have to own it, demand it, and work for it.

Funding a Community Support Organization

The community support organization is critical in helping us move from program level to community level outcomes.

Non-Profits Are Valuable Partners in Collaborations with Business

Non-profit organizations often feel like supplicants when they ask businesses to work together to renew communities, but they have much to add to the mix.

Do Businesses Care About Social Transformation?

Non-profit, community and government leaders are often insecure about inviting businesses to be part of their social transformation initiative. “Why would business care?” they ask themselves. “What is the pitch that is most likely to succeed in recruiting them?”

Are Advocacy and Collaboration Compatible?

Many groups are reluctant to collaborate with sectors who think differently than them, because they fear losing their ability to advocate for social change. Is there a way to do both?

Funding Social Transformation

To "move the needle" on complex issues, all of us have to work differently. That includes funders, especially government funders.

Multi-Sectoral Engagement

It seems to be part of human nature that we are most comfortable when we are hanging out with people who are much like ourselves. But most of the social conditions we are trying to improve are well beyond the capacity of any one sector to change on its own.

Power, Leadership & Collective Influence

Recently I saw a bumpter sticker that proclaimed "Well behaved women seldom make history". I think the owner had a particular view of how to deal with entrenched power.

Collaborating for Neighbourhood Renewal

Many of our collaborations are focused at the neighbourhood level. What are the strengths of that? What are the limitations? Can we lift up any best practices? At the CCI, we hope to find some answers.