Learn with Tamarack: Spring & Summer 2016 One-Day Workshops

Submitted by Graham Jackson on April 27, 2016 - 4:28am
Host Tamarack in your city for a one day workshop on a variety of topics to empower your community efforts.

Host a Single Day Workshop in your City

This year, Tamarack is coming to even more cities and towns across North America to help bring passionate community leaders together. We’ve developed a variety of one day workshops that are designed to foster new ways of thinking and working together for large scale community change. Best of all, we’re on the move! We are looking to come to your city and bring our new workshops to your doorstep.

Some of our workshops include:

Interested in hosting Tamarack in your city? All it takes is a bit of conversation with us and a partnership to help get the word out. We’ll even get your organization some complimentary seats to the workshop! 


If you want to bring our new one-day workshops to your area, just send Graham an email (graham@tamarackcommunity.ca) and start the conversation. We’ll look forward to connecting with you and your community soon!

Great Info!


Thanks so much for this Graham- it will be very exciting to see these single day events facilitate quality learning throughout the year!