Say Thank-You

Submitted by Heather Keam on April 20, 2016 - 4:38am
We have forgotten the Thank-You in our daily work

We are all trying to make a difference in our community, our work and even within our family life.  We have deadlines, reports and events that are constantly knocking at our door.  We are moving on to the next thing before we wrap up the last.  This is what it takes to make a difference, but we have lost something…we have lost the Thank-You!

Thank-you for the community we live in, thank-you for what we have in the community, thank-you for the people who work hard to make the community, an event or thier family the best they can be.  John McKnight talks a lot about asset building and looking at what we have that is great not what is missing or wrong.  Stop and say thank-you to all the volunteers, organizations, staff, sisters, brothers, kids for the hard work that they have done.  Instead of focusing on the lessoned learned lets focus on what worked and make that even better. 

I want to say thank-you to all the organizations in my community, my co-workers and my family for making my community an amazing place.  I challenge you to say thank-you!   

Heather Keam

Community Animator, Learning Centre