Community Engagement & Pride

Submitted by Laurie Fenton on August 22, 2011 - 9:22pm

Even though it was raining, I was looking forward to my drive in to work today because I knew pancakes were waiting for me...  It was once again time to kick off Pride Week in the city with the annual Pride Pancake fundraiser and rainbow flag unfurling at Ottawa Police headquarters...  Yes I said it was time to kick off Pride Week in the lobby of a police station...  And that's just one of the many community events we have at the police station...

The Diversity & Race Relations Section facilitates joint event planning for what is called simply the "Ottawa Police Flag and Banner Program" in the lobby of the police station with community groups on a regular basis.  In addition to a flag unfurling, sometimes there is cultural dance, chanting, music, or prayer.  And there is always celebratory cake and a cake cutting ceremony! states that "The Ottawa Police Service Flag and Banner Program is an opportunity to raise awareness about a particular cultural or religious group by temporarily displaying the group's "flag" or "symbol" in the lobby of a police building in recognition of a significant event (holiday, celebration, tradition, historical day, memorial)."

It is a key community engagement and partnership building initiative to help recognize and celebrate Ottawa's diversity in building an inclusive and welcoming community.  Check out the program and photo gallery 

Sounds like we will all have

Sounds like we will all have a lot to learn from you. We hope to create lots of opportunity for participants to share their stories, perspectives and experiences, because that is usually one of the most important take-aways from this event.

The Opportunity to Learn from Each Other

Indeed CCI is a wonderful opportunity to share and learn from each other!