Make the Most of your Membership

Register for Events

Event registration is restricted to members of the learning community. These events include tele-learning seminars, training workshops, peer learning opportunities, and face-to-face learning events with various thought leaders.


  • Become a member of
  • Watch the site for announcements about upcoming events
  • Register early to avoid disappointment

Create Your Profile

Your personal profile is your way to tell other community members about yourself, your work and your ideas and questions. This is also where you indicate your specific areas of interest - which is another way you can find others who are curious about - or working with - these same topics.


  • Give more than a professional bio
  • Include some insights, questions and stories about your work in communities
  • Share something about your personal learning journey or your hopes and aspirations for this learning community
  • Tag your profile using various topics of interest so that it is easier for people who share your interests to find you

Join Groups and Build your Learning Community

When you dream alone, it remains just a dream; when you dream together it is the beginning of a new reality. ~ Brazilian Proverb

In our experience, learning opportunities are better translated into action when a committed group of people agrees to learn together. This site gives you the ability to create and/or join such groups with other CCI Online members.

Groups may be content-specific, based on geography, or galvanized by ideas that emerge from a blog. But, whatever the focus, we know these groups serve a common purpose: to link together leaders of community initiatives with a wider group of like-minded people who share a commitment to deepening their knowledge and learning together. It has been shown that these groups - sometimes known as Communities of Practice - offer participants confidence, courage, accelerated learning and “the energy needed to stay in the challenges and struggles of pioneering something new.”


  • Start a group sharing some of the questions that “keep you up at night” and post a blog with a link to your new group inviting other members to further the discussion
  • Browse through the site's list of groups and join ones that tweak your interest
  • Invite your colleagues to join you on the site and use this online space to capture your ideas and insights

Find Other Members

Use the topics of interest to search for others who are on similar paths of exploration. When you find others who share your interests, you can read their profiles, click on the links or publications they suggest, and comment on their blog posts to engage them, and others, in dialogue.


  • Tag your profile using various topics of interest in order to meet more members with similar interests
  • Search for and explore others' profiles to get to know the members of your community
  • You can subscribe to particular blogs when you want to continue to participate in an ongoing dialogue

Publish Blog Posts

Your blog is a place where you can share "ahas" or stories about work in communities. Use it to: tell us your experiences and ideas; pass along resources that have helped you; ask questions that might invite others to help you see things from a different perspective. Blogs are also a way to engage with other members, celebrate successes and contribute to the learning of others. You can do this either by commenting on others' posts or by initiating online dialogues.


  • Update your blog each time you visit the site, so members can hear more about what you're up to and where you're headed next
  • Commenting on other member's blogs is a great way to invite dialogues to more deeply explore ideas and issues that interest you

Post Publications

When you add publications to your profile, they become part of a rich and ever-growing community library. You can see the publications that other members have posted - either by searching their profiles, or by using the Search function located under the "Find" tab on this website.


  • Any publications you think offer valuable information on community would be great to build the library
  • Including a brief description about the resource will help other members to better appreciate its usefulness and value
  • Use key terms from a publication's title to see if it is part of the community library
  • Search and find publications listed under each member's profile