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Resource Library

Tools & Resources from the 2016 Community Change Institute hosted in Toronto, Canada

Champions for Change, 2016: resources, slides and tools

Resources, agendas and curriculum with Liz Weaver and Mark Cabaj related to the ECI learning events in 2016.

Champions for Change 2015

Resources from the 2015 Champions for Change workshops led by FSG and the Tamarack Institute.

Evaluating Community Impact 2015

Resources from the 2015 Evaluating Community Impact Workshop.

Community Engagement Edmonton 2015

Resources from our Community Engagement 2015 event

Collective Impact Summit 2015

Click here to access resources from the 2015 Collective Impact Summit in Vancouver, BC


Audio from interviews and discussions with various thought leaders.

Resources from Liz Weaver's 2014 Collective Impact workshops

Approaches for working together on complex issues

Resources for Conversations in Community

Deepening Community for Collective Impact

Resources from Paul Born's 2014 Deepening Community for Collective Impact workshops.

Building the collective capacity of multiple sectors to work together

Resources from the 2013 Communities Collaborating Institute's thought-leaders, keynote speakers & workshops

Exploring competencies for collaborative leadership

Building agreement, momentum & solutions for local issues

Ideas to foster innovation in communities

Resources for exploring community change

Supporting the organic way communities build shared knowledge

Ways to measure outcomes in collaborative work

Examples of community collaboration in action

Engaging business in community change

Ideas for finding friends & funds for community change

Ideas for supporting neighbourhood renewal

Harnessing community assets to build momentum for change

Exploring community roles in policy and systems change